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Online Marketers specialized on Spanish Market. We work to get your business adapted to get success.

We have improved services for foreing companies. MyD Online will develop your internet presence in Spain, offering marketing services for Asian and European companies which want to launch their products and services in Spain and Latam markets. We have a large experience with clients and customers from Spain and we can improve your business plan for these markets. If you want to get success in spain you have to speak Spanish and understand Spanish culture.

  • There are many things, you have to take care to get success in Spain:
  • There are 29 million internet users in Spain.
  • Population in Spain is over 46 million people.
  • Spain is the strategic base to reach Latam Market.

In 2011, there were 135 million of online transactions in Spain and ecommerce, is expected to reach a volumen of 9 billion/€ in 2012.

There are 15 million people using Social Media in Spain.

There is a need for support from qualified professionals in Spanish language, to help businesses understand the new rules and to really capitalize on the investments made in all areas of online marketing: social media, positioning seo and sem, email marketing, online reputation management , legislation and web analytics.

Mail Marketing Services

¿How we do it?

You need to communicate more often with your customers in Spain and you have to do this in Spanish language. It is good with sending mass email to a reliable database, also do not know even if your customers read your mails. In MyD Online we take care of your email marketing campaigns from the beginning, we get a database for your business area, designed a custom template for your business and your brand, segmenting your database, we deal with shipping and conduct a detailed report on the activity of your clients on the campaign. All this we will be able to improve your communication, your brand image, debug your clients base and reach new prospects.

We developed a custom report from each of the campaigns, analyzing the behavior of recipients, open rates and clickthrough rates, extracting KPI, s , and making suggestions for improvements to these campaigns.

Web Design

¿How we do it?

In MyD Online we offer web design for foreign companies which want to sale and offer their products in Spain. There are thousands of designs and templates customizable and adaptable to your business.

Depending on your type of business, we have many modern design solutions and usable, with an acceptable cost to make your business visible online, in spanish language.

Seo Positioning

¿How we do it?

A good SEO positioning strategy on search engines that positions the most relevant keywords of your business will help improve your brand image and you will increase your quality traffic to your site and therefore get a higher conversion rate and therefore of income. The SEO, optimization of search engine results, unlike SEM, marketing search engine results, is not immediate, and requires time to work both within your pages on-site and off-site getting quality links permanently. The results will begin to appreciate after a few time of project starts.

MyD Online will conduct an study of the most important keywords for your online business in spanish language. We will get the best Google position for your Business.

Direct profits working with us


Good skills for business.


Young marketers with degree at business schools.


A wide experience in distribution spanish markets.